Lisa was very different when I saw her. Gone was the girl I’d know, and in her place was a future lawyer.

She still had her huge hugs, though.


“Maria!” She cried, coming into the greenhouse late one night as Richard worked on fixing the computer.

“Lisa!” I replied in joy, going for a hug. “I’m so glad you came!”

“My BFF is getting married! Of course, I’m coming!” she laughed at me.


“Oh, this is Richard.” I motioned to him, hearing him cursing under his breath.

“Nice to meet you!” they shook hands and Richard went back to fixing the computer as we chatted together.

I’d picked out the dress with Lisa over the phone after she drew my attention to an adorable dress online. She was also bringing the various tools she used in her part-time job as a hairdresser. I was going to be amazing.

We ate pizza that night, home cooked of course. I was happily using the woodstove we found.

“So… how is your guys’ financial stuff?” Lisa opened with, startling me. I blinked around a mouthful of pizza.


“Not bad.” Richard offered- the man was the more math inclined out of us. “We’ve got a nice nest egg for kids, plus a bit left over for any possible upgrades to the house later.”

“If you were a professional baseball player, didn’t you get a fair amount of cash?” Lisa asked, her voice odd as she questioned him.Screenshot-9

“Yes, and no. Most of it’s tied up in investments with little free money. I get a kickback every year or so, but other than that I’m personally averagely wealthy.” He grinned, and Lisa frowned, biting into her slice rather viciously.

“How many kids do you want?” she asked next.

“Five,” I said, at the same time Richard said six. We traded a look and shrugged.

“…I didn’t know you wanted that many.” Lisa muttered, looking a little hurt. I frowned, confused. Richard spoke up,

“Well, friends don’t tend to talk about this, right?” Lisa looked at him and scowled.


I simply ignored it. I had a feeling I was better off not knowing.

The next day was the wedding, and Lisa laid on my bed as I got nervous, chattering to myself.

“Oh god, I’m going to look bad, he’s going to back out…”


“Calm down girl!” protested Lisa. “He’d be crazy to back out!” She got off to shoo me to the bathroom, where I showered and came back, ready to be prettied up.

“Thank you so much for this Lisa.”


“…Are you really sure about this?” she asked me, quiet, and looking a bit sad. I looked at her and took a breath.

“He’s the first person to choose me,” I said to her, not really looking at her. She frowned. “Dad chose to run off. Mom chose to abandon me… Grandma chose to die without caring about me. My ex-boyfriends all stayed with me until the better option came… the boss fired me because I wasn’t good enough. When I’m with him, I feel like I am. I feel like I am the first choice- over anything else.”


“…You really love him.”

“With all my heart.” I nodded, smiling. Lisa sighed.

“Come on, let’s get you ready.”


A few extensions, a bit of make-up and I was ready. I stood in my dress and veil feeling terrified and elated. Lisa got dressed as well, standing as our witness and bridesmaid.


“Thank you, thank you so much Lisa,” I told her, hugging her. “Thank you for being my friend.”

“…Of course.” She responded. “I will always be your friend.”



“Do you promise to always choose me?”

“I do.”


“Do you promise to always love me?”

“I do.”


“Do you promise to stay with me forever?”

“I do.”


“Do you promise to be faithful?”

“I do.”


“I love you.”

“I love you.”


After the wedding, Lisa left with a smile and a wink. She was going to the hotel while Richard and I got to know each other a little… biblically.


“Holy shit,” Richard said as I stood before him, blushing.

“I um… I like pastels, and I-“ he kissed me then and smiled at me.


“You’re beautiful.”

We had a fair bit of fun that night… enough fun that came back a month later.