Pregnant. I was pregnant barely a month after our wedding. We were ecstatic. We eagerly reoutfitted the spare bedroom into a nursery.


We ended up having to buy two cribs though when we learned that I was pregnant with twins. It was a bit of a shock.

The two of us devoured books on babies, eagerly looking into the future for our children.


Richard presented me with his wedding gift to me- a bottle of wine he named after me, and a plan to make a wine for each of our children, to be opened on their wedding day.

It was so sweet of him. Though he did spend a lot of time down there, messing with his machines.


The Greenhouse was harder to work in while pregnant, but I didn’t let it stop me. I refused to let it do it, and worked my ass off.

Richard would sigh but I would ignore him. And I managed to prove that hard work really had no affect when I gave birth during spring, upon which we found out it wasn’t twins.

It was triplets. Richard had to run to the store to buy a new crib so all our babies had a place to sleep.

Elizabeth, Margret and Rosalyn were their names, and we adored them to pieces. They were really good babies, quiet and sweet.Screenshot-155



We kept our relationship alive as well, making sure to spend time together as much as possible.


I wasn’t going to end up with no real relationship with him. While we couldn’t do what we used to, we spent as much time as we could together, often going outside just to stare at the stars.Screenshot-243

We kept the spark alive… which ended up with me pregnant again when the girls were barely a year old. Richard was pretty amused by that.

Until it turned out I was pregnant with twins. That wasn’t fun.

“Five kids, three years married!” I snorted, a bit hysterical.


“Hey, it’s alright.” Richard tried to sooth me, but I just laughed and laughed.

God it was ridiculous.

My second pregnancy was a bit tougher then my first. The girls weren’t happy with me unable to play with them as much as I did, but I tried.

I gave birth to twin boys a few days after Richard’s birthday. He called it an amazing birthday present.

Albert and Jonathan we named the two.


It was a little tenser in the house with five kids. We were both extremely busy, and trying to raise five babies was a terrible burden.

The girls were soon toddling around, which came with a bunch of issues. Rosalyn was the quickest to pick up talking, but she never stopped once she got going. She also left her toys everywhere and it drove us insane.


Margret was the smartest of the triplets, but she had a fit everytime we tried to pu her in anything but yellow. Eventually we just shrugged and let her do what she wanted.


Elizabeth though was the hardest. She learned slow and had a hard time with everything. We paniced thinking she had a developmental probelm, but it turns out we had just been over reacting.

We kept a close eye on her anyway.

And then she learned how to walk first, much to my glee.


“I don’t know what to do Lisa.” I said over the phone. “It’s awful.” I had called her about the slight distance between Richard and I, my parents relationship in my head.


I didn’t want to be like them. Not ever.

Have you guys had sex or time to yourselves recently?”

“With the kids?! No, how can you expect us to find anytime?!”


“Make time Maria- that’s what you guys need. Time to be adults, and have a lovely evening, just the two of you.”

I ended up listening, and made a nice dinner for us. We dressed up, Richard brought up a bottle of the batch of wine he had made for my wedding gift, and we just… relaxed. Got a bit tipsy, but we had a fantastic time.




And then a month later I was pregnant again.


I was not amused.