Before the birth of our net set of kids, Richard decided to cash in a few stocks and remake our home a bit. We got a fireplace added, had a staircase put in where the ladder had been, and a few new pieces of furniture. We also moved the wood stove downstairs, selling the old canning station. It was easier this way.

The triplets were about four and the twins two when I gave birth to the next set. Jennifer and Hannah- our adorable little girls.



Hannah was the only child so far who had inherited her father’s looks, much to my happiness. She was adorable. Jennifer was looking like me, much to Richard’s glee.

They were extremely well behaved, much to my relief as the triplets entered elementary- because that’s when it got hard.

Margret was such a… precocious child. She was incredibly smart, and acted like a tiny adult, but she was… very intense for other kids. She ended up retreating into books.


Rosalyn was the class clown, a creative kid who made jokes every five seconds and played games that made no sense. She was a downright riot though, often playing pretend and running around.


And then there was Elizabeth.

Elizabeth… well, she was teased fairly often for being mistaken for a boy. I didn’t understand it- she was obviously a girl, but she was looked at like she was a freak. She kept to herself, working out and being quiet.


She started writing in a diary as well, looking so tired all the time. I was terrified for her, and tried to connect with her, help her find friends and her own path.


I went about it the wrong way though.

“So, I’m going to be signing you guys up for ballet class!” I told her one night, and Elizabeth blinked.


“Umm… actually, I kind of wanted to do scouts?”

“Oh, really? But don’t-” I stopped myself before I said it, but Elizabeth got it.


“It’s not just boys mom!” she protested, looking sad, and I ached that I had caused her that pain.

“Alright honey, I’ll sign you up for scouts.”

I felt awful, but I managed to make it through. Elizabeth had a ball in scouts, and Margret loved ballet. Rosalyn liked it enough, but not that much.

Hannah and Jennifer picked things up fast as time went on. Often we would be reading to them, and they would be able to read the words back.


It was a similar thing with the boys. Often I’d find our sons reading books. It was a amazing!


We decided to wait for more kids, both wanting a few more, but finding that as the boys got older and started going to school it was hard.

Jonathan and Albert grew into amazing kids. Jonathan showing the same artistic skill as Rosalyn, while Albert showed the same mind as Margret.

I often caught the two playing chess against each other.


Albert and Johnathan often played chess against one another, and they were really good at it. Margret even often played- though mostly against Jonathan. Albert didn’t like loosing much.


My kids were amazing, and I loved them all.


“Alright, dig in everyone!” I cheered. It was the girl twin’s birthday, and we were having an outdoor picnic and fireworks later.


It was a lovely affair, and I was overjoyed by how happy the girls were.

They grew up so beautiful. Hannah showed the same intelligence her elder siblings had, along with a serious attitude she had to have gotten from Margret.Screenshot-25

Jennifer showed a love for nature she got from Richard and I. It was amazing, all of our children, all grown up and happy.


I smiled at my children, and felt happy. Everything was simply amazing with them.

“Want another?” Richard asked me.

“Do you even have to ask?”