It took us a while for me to get pregnant again. After going to the doctor I learned that the reason behind our various multiple births was because I naturally super-ovulated. I never released just one egg, always two or three.

No wonder my periods were painful.

The kids grew older and I watched happily as the triplets became teens- all three so beautiful.

Rosalyn ended up picking up a guitar fairly fast while Margret showed the same intelligence she always did.


Elizabeth though… she was even more obsessed with working out. She was a loner, never really speaking to anyone, keeping to herself. I was worried for her.


“I don’t know what to do Lisa, I really don’t.” I said over the phone.


Well neither do I. I don’t have kids.”

“I know… ugh, I’m just… tired.”

…Maybe you’re pregnant again.”


“Maybe.” I agreed laughing, and I chatted for a time afterwards before I hung up.

I went to the drug store and sure enough I was pregnant. I was overjoyed, going to the doctors with the news.


I didn’t get the news I wanted in return.

“Mrs. Snow… you’re having triplets.”

“That’s grand!” was my response, happy I was having more children.

“Mrs. Snow… Maria… I think you should consider selective reduction.” said the doctor.

“What do you mean?”

“This… Mrs. Snow- it’s been eight years since your last pregnancy, but you had five straight years before that of multiple pregnancies. I can’t recommend you going through this pregnancy with triplets. Twins I don’t recommend either, but-”

“No. I am not killing any of my children.” I snapped at him before storming out of the office.

I would not kill my babies, no matter what.

The pregnancy was the hardest one I went through. I was in pain frequently, and I cried more then I should.

The doctor- a new one instead of the hack who suggested killing one of my babies- told me that bed rest would be the best choice for me. I went on it much to my displeasure.

I wanted to garden.

We had to induce birth, and it was excrucinatingly painful. A C-section was our best offer, and I lay there staring at the celining, eager to see my babies.

I heard one cry.

I didn’t hear more.



I was supposed to have a girl and two boys. There was only one baby alive in me- the others were dead.

I was supposed to have a baby girl, and two baby boys…

I sat crouched on the floor, crying my eyes out as I heard Richard sooth our son.


Marcus was the only alive sibling. I had lost… I had lost everything else.


In the months that followed I hardly looked at Marcus. I was to busy mourning my other children. Richard worried, but handled it well.


I slept all the time it seemed, and I always felt tired. Nothing seemed right. Nothing seemed to make me smile.


“How about another baby?” Richard asked me finally one day after our son turned one. I froze, and thought about it.

We’d named our babies Sarah and Clifford. I… I wanted to feel them, even if it wasn’t really them.

“I would love to!” I told him, smiling. Things were looking up. I started actually doing things again, and playing with Marcus. My children seemed relieved to see me up and about, though Hannah seemed off.


I was so happy.

And then we got the news.

“Mrs. Snow… if you have another pregnancy you will not make it and the babies won’t either.”

I could never have another child. I… I…

Everyone leaves me eventually. Sarah and Clifford didn’t want to stay with me, and my other children will leave.

No one stays.



End of Generation 1