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My name is Hannah Snow, and I hate my family.

No wait, I take that back- I hate most of my family. The only two I can somewhat stand are my elder sister Elizabeth and our younger brother Marcus.

I didn’t used to hate them all. I used to love them all. We were all so close and then… mom lost two children.

She was never the same after that. She lost herself and it was… infuriating.

“Hannah, stop it!” my twin snapped at me one day a while after mom’s breakdown. “She’s hurting, can’t you see that?” she asked.


“So that gives her the right to do this to us Jennifer?” I snapped back. “She’s a drunk and pathetic and-“


“Stop it.”

The only person I could stand after that was Elizabeth- Marcus much to young for me to know. But even Elizabeth felt the pressure. It didn’t help that Margret, our eldest sister, had gotten it into her head that Elizabeth was a freak and needed to be ‘corrected’. She destroyed Elizabeth, talking about her in front of mom and making it look like mom agreed when really, she was just to drunk to care.


Margret was the real freak. She was even afraid of my intelligence when I was younger, and tried to force me to dumb down by destroying my clothes and my projects. Dad caught her at it and she never did it again, much to my smug satisfaction.

But Elizabeth listened and I lost her, lost her to Margret’s cruelty.


It all changed though the night of prom. I never actually learned what happened that nigh. I remember them leaving but then… Elizabeth came home early and locked herself into the bathroom.

“Elizabeth?” I’d called, fourteen and so… young. I didn’t know what was going on.


“Hannah, go away, please.” She’d begged me.

She cut off her long hair after that, threw herself into her studies and sports. She was back to normal… or not. She’d get so sad so tired…


I never figured out what happened that night, but I knew it had something to do with our sisters Margret and Rosalyn. I hated them so much for it.

Our father was no help, Jonathan and Albert- our brothers- to involved in their own lives. Jennifer didn’t seem to notice and I… I just was so angry with everything.

I swore then and there I would never be our parents. I would never be like them.

I never would.


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