Lost Family

Hey everyone. I’m here to say that my sims 3 files were all lost when my computer decided it would no longer work for me. I’ve lost everything, and have to rebuild from the beginning. My computer is a peice of crap that this continuously happens with.

I’ve decided though that I will try to continue with a legacy. I might start all over with a new family, new family name and everything. We’ll have to see.

Thank you for following me and thanks for reading this.

Another legacy?

Hey guys! I started another legacy!!

Long story short, during finals, I got really stressed but didn’t wantto play the Snow family because that felt like work.

So I started a new legacy for fun that quickly became awesome. I ended up making posts Here.

It’s a more laid back one much like a more traditional legacy. I’m actually far in given I don’t do what I normally do. Hope you guys like it!

Start of The Job


It had been four years since I went to Saint Anges- I graduated as Valedictorian and had jumped on a scholarship to the local college to get a business diploma before entering the work force.

I got lucky, and landed a job at Jones Towers- the most influential business in Bridgeport, possibly all the country. It was hard work, but I loved it.


My job at the Towers was in their marketing department- Pod 7. The Towers had fifteen pods in each department, and you could move between departments, however most stuck to a Pod for most of their lives.

My cubicle mates were Janet Sanders and Lauren Adler. Janet and I had easily made friends of a sort. She was an intelligent and vibrant woman, though far to fond of partying and dancing for my tastes. We interacted easily during work hours, however outside of them we barely saw one another.


Lauren and I got along as well, both of us driven women. I didn’t call us friends but I found we were more alike then Janet and I, so we tended to chat a fair bit. Continue reading

To All the Readers

Long story short- life got in the way followed by me making a new legacy while I was trying to write the next chapter for Hannah.

Let Is Snow is still going though-  I’ve invested to much thought into this legacy!

However, I’ve scrapped my original plan for Hannah and am now playing with her story a bit. I hope its better then my original plan!


This is my life



In the week leading up to the interview, I got myself completely ready. My second job was at the spa so I got discounts on purchases there, so I got my nails done for the interview.

I also practiced and practiced for it. I barely let a second go without running through questions in my head, and mentally preparing myself for anything. My clothes took forever to decide upon, same with my hair.


“Alright, how do I look?” I asked Jennifer who was still in bed.

“Fine.” She groaned. “You’ve asked me this fifty times…”

“I want to make sure everything is prefect!” I defended myself, smiling into the mirror and checking out my nails.


Oh, I was so nervous, I felt like I wanted to puke. This was the biggest thing I could do. I needed to make sure I was perfect for this.

I had to get in, I just had to.

-0- Continue reading

A Chance of a Lifetime.


I like to think I’m an intelligent and kind person. I help people study, help out around the greenhouse because my mother isn’t much help and my siblings don’t have much business sense. I work hard at both of my other jobs, while balancing my GPA and my clubs. I still volunteer on the weekends, still spend time with my younger brother and try to reach out to others.Screenshot-50

So what if I don’t have many friends? I’m happy the way I am, thank you.

My sister doesn’t see it like that.

“Look, we’re all hoping you’d come out with us.” Jennifer said to me as I got dressed for the day, in the rather limited options I had. “It’ll be fun!”

“Oh please, running around the river getting drunk sounds ridiculous.” I told her bluntly. “I have a paper to work on anyway, plus there’s a debate two weeks away I need to prepare for.”


“Hannah…” Jennifer began but I shooed her away so she could leave me alone. I really didn’t need to bother with the idiots at school. None of them were worth my time, all weirdos obsessed with becoming farmers or following in their parent’s footsteps.

Like it’s an achievement. Morons.

After getting ready for the day I went down stairs where Jonathan was cooking breakfast, Albert watching TV. Jennifer went off to help with the greenhouse while Marcus was getting dressed himself.


I ate breakfast quickly and left early, heading to school to meet up with the debate club president in the library, wishing to find out exactly what we were going to be covering in two weeks in our competition.

School was always a bit of a chore. I was far smarter then almost everyone there, and it was hard dealing with slow classes and fools who seemed destined to annoy me.

After school I headed to work at the library, where I shelved books. It was a bit boring but I got to read from time to time so it was a lovely job.Screenshot-68

That day however, my boss approached me.“Mrs. Turner!” I said in surprise upon seeing her, given she never leaves her office half the time. “What’s wrong?” I asked her curiously.

“Mrs. Turner!” I said in surprise upon seeing her, given she never leaves her office half the time. “What’s wrong?” I asked her curiously.

“Nothing Hannah, I was just approaching you to see if you knew about the fact Saint Anges is holding scholarship competitions?” I froze in shock.

Saint Anges for Girls was one of, if not the, best schools in the country. Getting into that school guaranteed you were smart, driven and cunning. Margret had tried and failed the last time the scholarship competitions happened… but I was smarter.

“Do you have an application form?” I asked her eagerly and she laughed, nodding.

I eagerly locked myself in an office filling it out.


This was my chance, this was my way to show the world I wasn’t like my parents. I wasn’t a highschool dropout drunkard and I wasn’t a failure of a baseball player.

I could be so much more.


I was nervous and excited as I waited for news on what they thought of my application. The only one who knew was Marcus, my youngest brother. I got along with him the best out of my family that still lived at home.

We were pretty tight, myself being the only one who didn’t treat him like some porcelain doll due to his slight brain damage from his birth. With three babies, even two who were stillborn, Marcus hadn’t gotten as much oxygen in the womb as he could. I blamed mother for not choosing to select which child to live honestly.

Though we might not have Marcus then…

Marcus had a stutter and had a hard time learning things, leading to everyone treating him like an invalid, much to his displeasure. He wasn’t a moron, just had a hard time with things.

So I made sure to treat him like any other child, and took him places father disapproved of. Mostly the fairs where I fed him sugar.

I took him to the autumn one in town, the fair actually taking place near his birthday so it was my gift to him. He got his facepainted, cheered me on in the apple bobbing contest. (Which was disgusting) We got our pictures taken and went into the haunted house.


“Y-you ne-nervous?” he asked me as we sat in the food area.

“A bit. I mean… I’m like almost eighty percent sure it’ll be fine?” I said cautiously. “But… what if I don’t get in and they send a letter laughing at me?”


“…W-would they d-d-do that?”

“…Okay, maybe not.” I sighed.

“You’re a-a-awesome, you’ll gggg-get in.” Marcus told me cheerfully. I laughed, and smiled, hoping he was right.


Part of me wanted to for the status, the chance, the future it could give me… and another wanted to rub it into Margret’s face that I was better.

I eagerly waited for the letter as the weather got colder. And then… I got it one day.

I rushed inside to open the envelope, excited and thrilled.Screenshot-84

Dear Hannah Snow,

 You have been selected to attend the interview for the Saint Anges Scholarship Award…

 “YES!” I screamed, throwing my arms up and laughing. I’d gotten past the first part! I just needed the…

Oh… I looked at the letter finding out where the interview would take place.


“…Oh no.” I said softly, terror gripping my heart.

I’d need to talk to my parents.


My father was by himself for once, looking exhausted. I hesitated for a second.

“…Dad, can I talk to you?” I asked. He looked surprised but smiled.

“Of course Hannah, what do you want to talk about?”

“…I’ve applied to the Saint Anges Scholarship and got an interview.” I began in a rush. “The interview is in Bridgeport-“

“Wait, what?!” My dad interrupted me. “Hannah! You should have asked us!” You mean you. I thought as I sighed.


“I wasn’t sure I could get in, but I did manage to get the interview and-“

“No, your mother wouldn’t be able to handle you going off to school, it’s why we refused to let Margret go to the interview.”

“…What?!” I yelled in shock. Dad blinked and nodded.

I had no idea…

“So, no. I am not letting you go to the interview.” I felt anger at his words, felt fury in me.

“So, I’m supposed to put my life on hold, and be stuck here when I could go on my once in a lifetime chance?!” I began. “For my drunkard psycho mother!?” I shouted. He jerked back in shock and horror. “I’m supposed to give everything up for the bitch who-“


“Do not speak to me that way.” He snapped at me. “Do not talk about your mother that way.” I scowled. “This discussion is over.” I glared at him and noticed Jonathan watching us.


“Go the hell away Jonathan!” I yelled at him before stampeding up the stairs in anger.

My best chance at getting out of this hell, and my father…

I had never hated as much as I did then. I hated them so much, all of them. I hated my mother, my father, my siblings…

I cried myself to sleep that night, my dreams gone.

The next morning though, while we were eating Jonathan spoke up to me.


“What do you want?!” I snapped, angry at him.

“I have to go to Bridgeport this weekend.” He responded. Jonathan was part of the mathletes for Riverview and their competitions were everywhere- almost as much as debate. “Dad is busy that weekend, Albert, Marcus and Jennifer said they’d cover for us-”

“Yep.” Albert said, munching on his food. He didn’t talk much, but he was always a good guy.

“Really? Wow…” I said in shock. I’d never thought that they’d do this for me. “But I need to stay at least two days for it.”


“I’ve been in contact with Elizabeth for the last year.” Jonathan said.

“…What?!” I hadn’t heard from our older sister in years, not since she vanished after highschool.

“She lives in Bridgeport, she’s a massage therapist and a personal trainer. But anyway, we can get you to your interview. And then you can stay with her if needed.” I stared at him in shock.

“…Why are you doing this for me?” I asked softly.

“Because dad’s wrong for trying to keep you here.” Was the honest answer. “He’s wrong for trying to make mom happy at our expense. Because you’re my sister.” I looked at him and then smiled.

“Thank you.”

Maybe my family wasn’t a huge terrible thing.

Hannah Snow- Prologue


, ,


My name is Hannah Snow, and I hate my family.

No wait, I take that back- I hate most of my family. The only two I can somewhat stand are my elder sister Elizabeth and our younger brother Marcus.

I didn’t used to hate them all. I used to love them all. We were all so close and then… mom lost two children.

She was never the same after that. She lost herself and it was… infuriating.

“Hannah, stop it!” my twin snapped at me one day a while after mom’s breakdown. “She’s hurting, can’t you see that?” she asked.


“So that gives her the right to do this to us Jennifer?” I snapped back. “She’s a drunk and pathetic and-“


“Stop it.”

The only person I could stand after that was Elizabeth- Marcus much to young for me to know. But even Elizabeth felt the pressure. It didn’t help that Margret, our eldest sister, had gotten it into her head that Elizabeth was a freak and needed to be ‘corrected’. She destroyed Elizabeth, talking about her in front of mom and making it look like mom agreed when really, she was just to drunk to care.


Margret was the real freak. She was even afraid of my intelligence when I was younger, and tried to force me to dumb down by destroying my clothes and my projects. Dad caught her at it and she never did it again, much to my smug satisfaction.

But Elizabeth listened and I lost her, lost her to Margret’s cruelty.


It all changed though the night of prom. I never actually learned what happened that nigh. I remember them leaving but then… Elizabeth came home early and locked herself into the bathroom.

“Elizabeth?” I’d called, fourteen and so… young. I didn’t know what was going on.


“Hannah, go away, please.” She’d begged me.

She cut off her long hair after that, threw herself into her studies and sports. She was back to normal… or not. She’d get so sad so tired…


I never figured out what happened that night, but I knew it had something to do with our sisters Margret and Rosalyn. I hated them so much for it.

Our father was no help, Jonathan and Albert- our brothers- to involved in their own lives. Jennifer didn’t seem to notice and I… I just was so angry with everything.

I swore then and there I would never be our parents. I would never be like them.

I never would.


AN: So my computer wouldn’t turn on and I had to send it in. I managed to save some pics, but not all. Sorry for the wait! I hope you guys are excited for Hannah’s story!

Everything is the Same

It took us a while for me to get pregnant again. After going to the doctor I learned that the reason behind our various multiple births was because I naturally super-ovulated. I never released just one egg, always two or three.

No wonder my periods were painful.

The kids grew older and I watched happily as the triplets became teens- all three so beautiful.

Rosalyn ended up picking up a guitar fairly fast while Margret showed the same intelligence she always did.


Elizabeth though… she was even more obsessed with working out. She was a loner, never really speaking to anyone, keeping to herself. I was worried for her.


“I don’t know what to do Lisa, I really don’t.” I said over the phone. Continue reading

Children Are Our Future

Before the birth of our net set of kids, Richard decided to cash in a few stocks and remake our home a bit. We got a fireplace added, had a staircase put in where the ladder had been, and a few new pieces of furniture. We also moved the wood stove downstairs, selling the old canning station. It was easier this way.

The triplets were about four and the twins two when I gave birth to the next set. Jennifer and Hannah- our adorable little girls.



Hannah was the only child so far who had inherited her father’s looks, much to my happiness. She was adorable. Jennifer was looking like me, much to Richard’s glee.

They were extremely well behaved, much to my relief as the triplets entered elementary- because that’s when it got hard.

Continue reading

Life is an Adventure

Pregnant. I was pregnant barely a month after our wedding. We were ecstatic. We eagerly reoutfitted the spare bedroom into a nursery.


We ended up having to buy two cribs though when we learned that I was pregnant with twins. It was a bit of a shock.

The two of us devoured books on babies, eagerly looking into the future for our children.


Richard presented me with his wedding gift to me- a bottle of wine he named after me, and a plan to make a wine for each of our children, to be opened on their wedding day.

It was so sweet of him. Though he did spend a lot of time down there, messing with his machines.


The Greenhouse was harder to work in while pregnant, but I didn’t let it stop me. I refused to let it do it, and worked my ass off.

Richard would sigh but I would ignore him. And I managed to prove that hard work really had no affect when I gave birth during spring, upon which we found out it wasn’t twins.

It was triplets. Richard had to run to the store to buy a new crib so all our babies had a place to sleep. Continue reading